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We are small business, ethically run with a big heart and dream to make this planet better place to live...
Our first line IanaLana was born many years ago when we were mostly focused on knitwear garments. Word Lana in Spanish means Wool was connected to our first garments which mostly were made from Alpaca wool. After 3 years of study Fashion design in Barcelona, getting to know how big is the impact of fashion on our dear Mother Earth and how global fashion system works is we decided to take a different way. Not to focus on profit, as focus on our own well being and support of others. Out designs are timeless, we don't follow seasonal collections, we are just creating and enjoying the process. We usually make our designs in very small quantities, some are unique and can't be repeated. 


Our values are :


As less as possible harm for sentient beings and our dear planet


Stitching of our garments are done with a help of our dear friends in India. We carefully select where and by whom our designs are produced 


 We are ready to answer to any of your questions

Eco friendly

We try to find the most sustainable sourcing of our materials


All of our materials are 100% natural 

Our designs are made in very peaceful environment and filled with good vibes of happiness and joy


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Our biggest inspiration is magical land we honoured to live on...India...No meter how many past lives we lived here and where we were born, this connection was never lost. The cradle of human culture India taking very special place in our heart.

We would like to share this love through softness of silks of our garments, through smoke of the sacred incenses, through warm aroma of Sandalwood beads of our Malas....


Our second line is KASHIKAHANI. The idea to create something different came on the banks of holy Ganga river in Kashi or Varanasi city. As usual we were sitting on the Ghats and watching the boats with locals passing by. We were fascinated how beautifully this ladies are dressed. Decorated with traditional jewelry, wrapped in colorful silk sarees. The desire to create something colorful, more ethnic but still keep the ethical approach of IanaLana came.
We started our search of beautiful, yet eco friendly saree options. As we practice Ahimsa way of living we could't use new Mulberry silk sarees as much cruelty involved in this process. We used to work with Vintage upcycle silk sarees before, this was a sustainable way of giving new life to the old sarees. Benares or Varanasi has the finest saris in India which are known for their gold and silver brocade or Zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The saris are made of finely woven silk and are decorated with intricate design. Saree is 5 mt long piece of fabric, usually worn wrapped in a special way on the woman body. Once there is a small hole, stain or little woven imperfection it can't be sold and goes to the dead stock. We found this beautiful refused sarees, carefully cut out the imperfections and create our Kashi Kahani designs. Each piece has it's unique story and hand made with much care and love.
Some garments of our shop are made from Eri Ahimsa silk. Raw material comes from Assam and woven here in Kashi. This silks are vegan friendly and cruelty free, designs are modest and inspired by traditional garments.
Known to be a destination for spiritual pilgrimage Varanasi offers all kinds of Mala prayer beads. We are creating unique totally handcrafted by us authentic Rudraksha and Sandalwood Malas. Purified and charged by the waters of a Holy Ganga river.

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